First off, thank you visiting KBDLounge! We’re truly excited for everything that this site will do for all our community members.

KBDLounge is a collective effort between Jchan94 (Joseph Chan) and QuakeMz (Brian Walker). We wanted to bring this site together for the Mechanical Keyboard Community, as we noticed that there’s a huge disparity in the quality, and consistency of guides and reviews for everything Mechanical Keyboard related. On both geekhack and R/MK, we noticed a few issues: search is always an issue, threads get off topic, and sometimes, there are no extensive guides to go through all of the details of a build. While anyone can look through these websites and learn things over time, our mission is to bring the information you need to get started on a project in a easy to read fashion. This site is meant to cater to any beginner, or hard-core enthusiast, so please link us to anyone who needs help! We’ll be bringing guides for modifying and building anything and everything related to Mechanical Keyboards.

I hope that KBDLounge brings some value to your next build, and hope that you can get started on elevating your typing experience.

Cheers!  -jchan94


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  1. Cool to see a site like this come together!

    When I went about doing my own research on switches initially, building boards, etc. I felt the same way. There’s a ton out there, but finding info is sometimes a chore. Between YouTube videos and the multiple huddle spots for keeb fans, a newcomer could definitely get discouraged. Input Club actually wrote a great article on why switch reviews are just tough in general…

    I compiled many of these sources too for the post on my site – check it out for interesting tidbits if you have some time to spend reading a half rant / half information blog post on the mechkeeb subject.

    Looking forward to more!

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