Different DIY kits offer different types of PCBs. DIY keyboard PCBs usually use three firmwares: ps2avrgb, TMK, or QMK. Out of all of these, ps2avrgb by Winkeyless.Kr is the easiest to program as they have a program.

You can download it here – WindowsOS X.

  1. Connect the keyboard to the computer via USB
  2. Open bootmapperclient & click Download
  3. If you’re looking to program a Function Layer, please select the layer first.
  4. Now Toggle Bootmapper& Reboot after Uploading. In the bootmapper mode, you cannot type regularly, so untick it if you need to use the keyboard. 
  5. In order to program a key, please hit it physically on the keyboard. You’ll see it highlighted in the top & bottom sections. The top section shows you what function is programmed into the key. The bottom section shows you what key is selected. Reprogram everything accordingly.
  6. If you’re programming for OS X. Please use the following:
    1. Scr Lck = Screen Brightness Up
    2. Pause = Screen Brightness Dn
    3. LGui = Command
    4. Mute, Vol Dn, Vol Up are for Volume
    5. Prev Trk, Play, Next Trk are for Music
  7. To program Lighting, please go to Options.
    1. RGB LED settings on the left deals with the RGB underglow.
    2. Full LED settings on the right deals with the LEDs.

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